Projects conducted by the Solutions Center are comprised of three phases, each of which may build upon the other or stand alone.


Areas of Particular Focus Include:

  • New employee-directed technologies and strategies that foster changes in behavior and improve outcomes;
  • New care delivery models that are patient centered and produce effective, efficient care;
  • New provider payment models that reward value;
  • New benefit designs that encourage employee self-care and team care to maximize health improvement.

Phase I: Employer Activation

Once a project topic is identified, Solutions Center staff performs a literature review and conducts interviews with thought leaders and practitioners, to establish themes and identify major areas of exploration.  The resulting knowledge base is synthesized, and a structure developed for the subsequent multi-stakeholder investigation.  Participants are selected from among employers, health plans, health systems, providers, benefit consultants and academics.

Phase II: Employer Roadmap

Once employers and other stakeholders are activated around an issue, the scene is set for a deep-dive exploration of strategies for addressing it.   Multi-stakeholder work groups are formed to study the opportunities and challenges identified in Phase I in the context of three distinct work streams:

  • Clinical Process Improvement and Measurement Models
  • Sustainable Business Models and Contracting Strategies
  • Employee Communications and Engagement

Phase III: Demonstration

The Solutions Center willact as the advising body for pilot projects, many of which capitalize on the opportunities surfaced in Phase I and Phase II projects.  The Center will facilitate development and vetting of a framework model, define impediments and limitations to the model, and make recommendations for addressing them.  The Solutions Center may also provide oversight of such pilots.