Key to our Solutions Center methodology is “real-time data collection.”  We convene a cross-section of our employer members in a structured, facilitated workshop setting to gather information about existing knowledge and workplace approaches, surface issues of key concern and interest, and generate new ideas worthy of exploration. Depending on what stage of a project we’re in, we may also include executives from health plans, hospitals and other key stakeholder groups.

It is through this spontaneous exchange of experiences and ideas that information often not readily accessible elsewhere is captured, and new ideas developed!  It is also our way of “activating” an engaged group of employers and other stakeholders on a particular topic or area of exploration.

Other components of our methodology include:

  • Research and literature review
  • Employer surveys
  • Interviews with employers, consultants, subject matter experts and stakeholders including health plans and healthcare practitioners
  • Case study exploration and verification

In addition to developing practical guides and “how to” tools and checklists for employers, the Solutions Center also produces employer pilot studies and delivers projects on a contracting basis