Bright Ideas about Employer-Sponsored Healthcare

Employers face tough challenges when it comes to keeping people healthy at a cost they can afford. NEBGH’s Solutions Center brings together employers – often with other stakeholders – in high-energy workshops to explore new workplace approaches to health and wellbeing.

We talk about what’s working, what’s not – and why – and introduce new solutions. We also develop surveys, conduct research, and investigate pilots and innovative programs employers are implementing. Then we package our findings into practical guides employers can really use.

“Healthcare moves so fast and is so complex that we rely on NEBGH to do what we don’t have the time or expertise to do on our own. The Solutions Center plays an essential role by exploring issues, finding innovations, gathering input from all stakeholders, and finding opportunities for us to move forward with programs that will benefit employees while helping control costs.”

- Michelle Martin, Vice President, HR Specialty Services, CBS