With a focus on employers as the catalyst for change, Northeast Business Group on Health’s Solutions Center is a one-of-a-kind platform that generates new ideas and practical solutions for the nation’s most challenging healthcare issues.  The Center conducts collaborative projects in two key areas – health, wellness and productivity, and delivery system transformation – aimed at delivering improved outcomes and reduced cost.


Tipping the Scales on Weight Control: New Strategies for Employers (8/16)

Overweight and obesity result in high costs for employers and significant health risks for employees. Traditional wellness programs are important, but do not go far enough for employees struggling with more than a few excess pounds. This report includes first-hand case studies from benefits professionals and opinions from experts in communications, psychology and medicine, about the best approaches for successful weight control interventions. NEBGH presents a framework that will help you stratify your population and provide appropriate access to benefits and services including new digital technologies, medically-supervised weight loss, pharmacotherapy, and surgery.

Employers and Cancer Care Quality: A Closer Look (4/16)

Employers play a role in the cancer care ecosystem. This report demystifies cancer care quality and documents how it is being defined. Find employer resources for building a top quality employer cancer care program and see how you measure up to other NEBGH employers by examining survey results about cancer care benefits, programs and policies.

Digital Diabetes Prevention and Management Solutions (3/16)

Check out our new employer guide to digital diabetes tools!  Find out how these tools can help with preventing and managing diabetes in workplace populations. The guide categorizes and highlights the features of 25 different digital diabetes tools that can help increase employee engagement.  Convenience, personalization, data collection and management, customization of rewards and incentives, coaching and social networking – find out how these tools might enhance workplace diabetes interventions.

Cancer and the Workplace: The Employer Perspective (10/15)

This introductory report highlights the level of complexity employers face in managing their employees’ cancer-related needs, and many of the gaps employers face as they try to make sense of the landscape surrounding cancer.  Employers say they need help in evaluating the quality of cancer care their benefit dollars are purchasing, and want to be better equipped to assist employees who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Transforming Diabetes Management: New Directions For Employers (5/15)

As a follow up to the NEBGH “Moving the Needle on Diabetes: The Employer Perspective” report, the Solutions Center puts forth employer-led innovations for new models of care delivery, improving employee engagement, and value based payment models. This report is the result of a multi-stakeholder “deeper dive” into diabetes in the workplace. It includes guided questions employers should ask in order to best match effective programs to their employee population and an evaluation table of digital tools to support care delivery models and engagement in the workplace.